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Willemijn De Dreu – 5 Rrhythms


» I love the dance of life. Again and again, I am humbled by the cycles of birth and death. Health and illness. Expansions and contractions. Hello’s and goodbye’s. What else can I do then surrender and enjoy that dance?! I love movement, any movement. The changing of the seasons, the come and go of day and night. I love the elements earth, fire, water and wind. I love what they teach us about being here, how they speak about nourishment, connections, cleansing, and walking lightly and in beauty. How they whisper about breath and great spirit. What else can I do than share that wisdom on the dance floor?… «

Willemijn de Dreu is a cherished conscious dance teacher in many cultures around the world since 1998. She is known for her fiery yet grounded presence.In her teachings she has a great sensitivity to what is going on in the field.Through playful creativity she brings light into deep process, and a gentle way of healing through movement. She is skilled in her way of weaving shamanic threads into her work, alwayʼ s listening to the bigger wisdom thatʼs holding us.5Rhythms is designed to release the dancer in each of us. Through 5 different rhythms we unlock energy in the body that has been stored there for decades.Itʼs a creative, energizing, joyful way to freedom  for body, heart, mind and soul.


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Martyn Zij – Ecstatic Dance


Martin Zij developed an unique taste for different music genres from all over the world, diverse but with similar characteristic-music which gives space, excites trance and imagination but also ensures a presence in the “here and now”. His sound ranges from grounding bass & beats, tribal grooves to a more meditative and lyrical vibe. These he brings together in a funky and soul-full way touching the heart of the dancer and listener. He is guided by the energy on the dance floor, and is not afraid of unexpected surprises and twists in his DJ sets. At the end of 2013 Martyn became and is still one of the resident-deejays of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam. From then on Martyn also got invited by diverse Ecstatic Dance communities in Netherlands and Europe. He loves to share the music, the dance and the joy with these communities and gets inspired by the different. After a few years deejaying Martyn started to combine his skills as a producer/musician with his experience as a DJ. He uses his studio skills to remix and rework different music from all of the world so they become “dance floor” friendly and he can include them in his DJ sets. Next to these remixes he is also working on his own compositions and songs to spread and share his unique deep, funky and heartwarming sound all over the world.

DJ MOON – Ecstatic Dance


 » I’m a music lover. I deeply love watching people dancing and connecting under the same beat… «

Since she was 16 Virginia has been behind the booths trying to guess how a DJ could create a common vibe for everybody to dance. She understood that the DJ is like a shaman in the ancient times. Djing since 2005, she is also practicing and studying 5Rhythms since 2010 and is trained in Gestalt and integrative body therapies. She is a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance BCN, and plays often for different communities around Europe.


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Arun Ji – Ecstatic Dance


» Dance gives expression to the spirit, and help us to find availability and wellbeing in the body. In my sessions I offer a wide spectrum of soundscapes and rhythms, inviting into a space of expression, exploration, where meditation and celebration can meet in the dance, through a musical journey with a big range of sensations and emotions, that leads into a feeling of peace, deep connection and expansion… «

For the last almost 10 years, Arun putted his energy and his heart into playing and organizing Ecstatic Dance events, festivals and retreats. His sessions are acclaimed in many communities and festivals around Europe and in India. Was trained in Tantra and Emotional Awareness with Astiko, and he is passionate about different forms of dance such as 5Rhythms, Gaga or Contact Improvisation.

Martha Jap – Contact Dance and Yoga

» Yoga is in my life since 20 years. Dance even more. Besides that, I’m a Doula and a Social Worker. I offer training in Yoga Dance, workshops and retreats. I was trained in Shakti Dance with it’s founder Sara Avtar, and also in another schools, as well as in another Yoga and Dance schools. I’m in love with Sufi Whirling and extremely thankful for the ultimate school that is Life… «

Contact Dance: The art of meeting in dance. The subtle dialogue between our bones and our weights. The air caresses the muscles, and the gaze opens when you perceive the flow of movement, present in relaxation and tension, reactivity and fluidity. From the subtle to the physical, the landscapes of the body open the door to the exploration in an ephemeral and present dance.
Yoga: We will wake up inhabiting the body and looking up to the sky. The pulse of the heart will guide us in a practice of fluid yoga, rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas, and that poetically joins the organic movement of dance. We will open the body to listen in presence through dynamic, static asanas, conscious breathing and chanting of mantras, in a meditative space, remembering how the natural flow of life moves here and now.

Januman García – Live Music and Onirical Session


« I came to be in the music. To sound, rhythm. I came to widen the space with melodies that push it’s limits, that make us get through that threshold of repeated reverences, so that we can only feel… «

Independent multidisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist musician with self-taught training, although for several years in India he studied in Varanasi with the teacher Munna Singh. He lessons drumming lessons with the internationally recognized Carlos Carli at the Creative School of Madrid, specializing in jazz and ethnic music. He composes music for theater, teaches cajon, frame drum and different percussion instruments, and musically supports events of the collective «Nomads», workshops and sessions of Contact and Ecstatic Dance, and together with Antón Pic Lorentz, he is creator of the Oniric Session. His main instruments are those related to the world of percussion, although he loves to play piano, sitar, synthesizers and various wind instruments such as the silver flute, the bitonic, Chinese Xun ocarina, duduk or saxophone.


Anton Pic Lorentz – Onirical Session


» I like to dance, and from there to make music, music that is danced. I like the empty spaces that meditation generates, because in the gaps, in the void, it is where the movement is. I like the internal movement that generates the love , and from that space I work my trades, whether as a musician, as a dancer, as a poet or as a pastry chef. I like that what I do generates an internal movement in those who accompany me, that they feel touched by a melody, for a taste, for a word, and that inner movement develops in dance. I like to dance with the world, a world in which everyone follows their dance, and together we are dance…  »

Antonio Lorenzo is a multi-instrumentalist musician and dancer who has spent years developing a personal language in which they dialogue music and dance. He has worked as a musician for dance companies with a long history and reputation in the world of improvisation, such as Christiane Boullosa’s OMOSUNO. He has also worked as a dancer in the improvisation orchestra of Chefa Alonso, pioneer of improvisation in Spain and in numerous national and international dance festivals (contact, butoh, impro …) and has accompanied musically in different festivals, classes and Master-classes in yoga and spirituality. He has a degree in philosophy from the UAM and author of numerous texts on aesthetics, art theory, dance and movement and combines his passion for music and movement with the preparation of healthy and delicious pastries.



Tomás Gimeno – Sensorial Journey


Tomás Gimeno, as an independent artist, has written and directed several short films, theater shows, dozens of stories, comics and illustrated stories, obtaining numerous national awards as a film director, screenwriter, photographer, playwright and illustrator.
Professor of photography and audiovisual at various universities, he recently left the academic world to focus on developing his own training project, the «CaSa AMAriLLa», a creativity and platform school from which the «ViaJeS SenSOriaLeS» were born.
A Sensory Journey is a blindfolded musical experience, where attendees are invited to immerse themselves in the subtle, magical and poetic world of the senses, a world that although it is always there, surrounding us, is often eclipsed or directly suffocated because of the continuous noise of the mind. During the journey the participant will discover how the space-time perception is modified. How the senses of touch, smell, hearing … are slowly taking over the thoughts. The picture is replaced by imagination and common sense is replaced by the sixth sense or the magical sense, where lives intuition, spontaneity, play, creativity and magic. Passionate about Art, since childhood he has navigated through different artistic disciplines, learning from each of them different aspects of himself and creativity.

Tamara Ortíz – Holistic Massage

«I’m dedicated to the study of the human being and of alternative therapies, and I like to support the connection between the physical, the psychological, the spiritual and the person’s interactions with their environment …»

Holistic massage includes her knowledge in different therapies, such as Craniosacral Osteopathy or Mexican Traditional Massage. Touch, movement and subtle energy are used, as well as relaxation techniques through sounds, essential oils, stones, herbs …

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