Luis Paniagua

Luis Paniagua – Concert / Singing workshop

Musician, composer, producer from Madrid, with more than 40 years of carrier and winner of different awards and recognitions, beside 15 edited cd´s as composer and player. He started professionally with Atrium Musicae, being part of this antique music band from 1972 to 1982. From 1980, after studying in India with the master T.N. Nagar and with a wide and deep listening of the music world, he compose and plays for theater and dance shows, movie soundtracks, cd recording  and concerts as solo or with more musicians directed by him. He plays in different countries around europe, america and asia.


Arjan Bouw – Open Floor

The way we move on the dance floor is a mirror of how we move through life. Open Floor offers a simple movement vocabulary for the way human bodies are born to relate, work, play, give, receive, and rest. Inviting authenticity whatever our physical or emotional state, in this practice we bring mindful, embodied movement to our lives as human beings.
Open Floor is designed to support us in moving from habit to creative possibility, from fixed ideas to fluid curiosity, and back again.

Arjan Bouw is teaching open floor since 2016. He is also a qualified 5Rhythms teacher and has been studying conscious dance for over 20 years. His embodied heart is evident in his teaching. His down to earth humanity creates safe spaces in which the life-force can find movement on the dance floor. He lives in the countryside in The Netherlands and teaches internationally. «Arjan is a wild creative spirit with a huge heart, poetic stillness, and a thousand playful inspirations.»

 Irene Hernandez – 5 Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth´s 5Rhythms® is a simple and deep moving meditation practice to connect with our body through the dance. We follow the sequence of the 5Rhythms (the Wave) – Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical and Stillness – as a compass to move and rediscover what needs to be danced with the support and inspiration of the group. A place to embody of who we are, express it and let go, to find new possibilities. A space to give ourselves all the permission and dance our own dance, following the intuitive wisdom of our feet

Alive, expressive and creative, Irene holds the space in a clear and welcoming way, looking at people with empathy and curiosity. «The 5Rhythms changed my life and now they are my practice, my medicine, my language and my metaphor. Dancing brings me here and now, it helps me to re-connect with my body, heart and spirit, to relate to others with love and to deeply trust in the divine. I believe it’s much needed to go back to our bodies and I love movement for its potential power to help us reconnect, release and heal. I love to share this simple yet profound and vast practice, and feel thrilled and very grateful to be making my own contribution to spreading it and to keep on building up this worldwide loving tribe.»

Nataraj – Biodanza

Biodanza is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It seeks to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself and one’s emotions and to express them. Biodanza also claims to allow one to deepen the bonds with others and nature and to express those feelings congenially. It can also be seen as meditation in movement. You are brought fully into the present moment, and the happiness that it brings. It is an awareness of the flow of energies and pleasurable sensations through your body, through the movement, through your connection with the music and your connection with others, in the dance. It can lead to a heightened state of being

«My highest wish is to discover the truth of who I am and share with others so we can live this gift of life from the best possible versión of ourselves that is fulfilling every inch of our existence. Biodanza for me is an amazing tool to open enough space within to realize that we are infinite beings. I’ve had the privilege of receiving my trining directly from Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza. I travel around the world spreading the love and joy of living, through this beautiful tool»

Elena Teixidor – Sound Bath & Singing Circles

I consider myself a lover of energetic and frequencies work. I build bridges between the physical, mental and spiritual body through the vibration of sound, movement, breathing and aromatherapy. A Sound meditation or Sound bath, is a journey that experiences with harmonic frequencies, creating a deeply relaxing energy field in which time is suspended and body rests on sound:
Hang, gongs, pyramid and quartz bowls, ocean and shaman drum, flutes, voice.
All within the universe contains an energetic field with different degrees of vibration, from the most subtle to the most dense. Everything works on the basis of coherency, a harmonious order in which each element functions based on the flow of energy received. When some part of the body does not vibrate in harmony, certain sounds and vibrations have the power to restore it.

Caroline S’Jegers – Ecstatic Dance

«Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence. As an Ecstatic DJ, I play with sounds and silence, with melody and rhythms, and with depth and expansion. As a dance facilitator, I explore new realms while taking movers on a playful adventure into the landscapes of body and soul. As an organizer of Ecstatic Dance Belgium, I continue traveling – as a way to expand my vision and (he)art, and to share my deep-felt passions. Let’s journey and be moved !»

 Pascal De Lacaze – Ecstatic Dance

Pascal plays music at events all around the globe. His focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities for how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Bands and Kirtan artists appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Since 2010, Pascal organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin. He is the resident DJ, accompanies his DJ sets with live percussion and co-creates live music dance journeys. He’s been on a long musical journey, spanning from drumming on techno raves in the 90’s to being a drum-set player in a Jazz Big Band, conga drummer at club partys and percussionist for acclaimed Kirtan Artists like Dave Stringer, Janin Devi or Kevin James Carroll

Arun Ji – Ecstatic Dance

«I  love dance as a form of expression of the spirit, as well as the perfect practice to find availability and wellbeing in the body. In my sessions I offer a wide spectrum of soundscapes and rhythms, inviting into a space of expression, exploration, a range of sensations and emotions, through a musical journey that leads into a feeling of deep connection and expansion, creating a space where meditation and celebration can meet in the dance.

 DJ MOON – Ecstatic Dance

I’m a music lover. I deeply love watching people dancing and connecting under the same beat. Since I was 16 I have been behind the booths trying to guess how a dj could create a common vibe for everybody to dance. I understand that the dj is like a shaman in the ancient times. Djing since 2005, I’m also practicing 5Rhythms since 2010 an I’m trained in Gestalt and integrative body therapies. I’m a resident dj at Sushipoint Ibiza and at Ecstatic Dance BCN and Madrid

 Tomas Gimeno – Sensoryal Journey

Movie maker, photographer, writer, illustrator and passionate about dance, Tomas has more than 60 national awards with different artistic medias. He worked for many years as a photography and audio visual teacher in different universities, and recently he left the academic world to focus, understand and taste life. For a few years he has developed and shared his original and fun proposal

 Martha JapInder – Contact Dance & Yoga

Yoga is in my life since 20 years. Dance even more. Besides that, I’m a Doula and a Social Worker. I offer training in Yoga Dance, workshops and retreats. I was trained in Shakti Dance with it’s founder Sara Avtar, and also in another schools, as well as in another Yoga and Dance schools. I’m in love with SUfi Whirling and extremely thankful for the ultimate school that is Life

Natalí Pinilla – Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies are a space of connection with oneself, the group and the plant. Cacao is one of the most used plant medicinal by the Mayans many years ago, nowadays we can enjoy these ceremonies from a more ludic and playful way to come together in a circle and create a space of union and growth, using singing and dance as tools for our connection with the expansive and heart-opening energy that Cacao provides us with a subtle, deep and intense feminine energy, that helps us to work with emotions and raise awareness of everything that is stored in the unconscious. It is a journey into the depth of our Being, where wisdom, beauty, sweetness and love are placed. This wonderful plant works on all level: physically with all its benefits as superfood, emotional, mental and spiritual. If we allow her magic, she will drive us to incredible corners of our Being that would be magnified with the energy of the circle. Without expectations or judgments, I invite you to go on this journey in which everything or nothing can happen …

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