Luis Paniagua

Luis Paniagua – Concert / Voice Workshop

Musician, composer and producer from Madrid, with a career of more than 40 years and winner of different awards and recognitions, and has published 15 CD’s as a composer and player. He started professionally with Atrium Musicae, being a part of this antique music band from 1972 to 1982. From 1980, after studying in India with the master T.N. Nagar and with a wide and deep listening of the music world, he composed and played for theater and dance shows, movie soundtracks, CD recording  and concerts, as solo or with more musicians directed by him. He plays in different countries around Europe, America and Asia.

Vanessa web

Vanesa Peña – Contact Improvisation

Dancer, choreographer and performer, trained in contemporary and classical dance. Attracted to shamanism and different eastern philosophies, she began a process  of  self-knowledge, that allowed  her  to  find  and connect with people’s desire to be more sensitive in their bodies, and with their emotions and consciousness. Through the investigation of CI, together with a solid team of dancers and therapists, she developed a series of workshops called Integrative Contact, and she is going to share an adaptation of this work in the festival.

Florencia Lamarca – Movement Research

Born in Uruguay. In 2001 she started her career as a professional dancer in Israel being part of the Batsheva Ensemble, directed by the choreographer Ohad Naharin, performing with them in Europe, United States and Japan. It is there where she learned and went deep in the Gaga body language. After 3 years with Batsheva she moved to Berlin and started to work with the company Sasha Waltz & Guests, where she still performs and creates presentations all around the world.  Besides dance, Florencia works as a Grinberg Method practitioner.

Pascal De Lacaze – Ecstatic Dance / Singing Circles

Pascal plays music at events all around the globe. His focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities: Dancers dig how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Bands and Kirtan artists appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Since 2010 Pascal organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin. He is the resident DJ, accompanies his DJ sets with live percussion and cocreates live music dance journeys. Pascal loves rhythm, dance and movement, sacred sounds and bass music. He has been on a long musical journey, spanning from drumming on techno raves in the 90ies to being a drum-set player in a Jazz Big Band, conga drummer at club partys and percussionist for acclaimed Kirtan Artists like Dave Stringer, Janin Devi, Kevin James Carroll.

Arun Ji – Ecstatic Dance

“I  love dance as a form of expression of the spirit, as well as the perfect practice to find availability and wellbeing in the body. In my sessions I offer a wide spectrum of soundscapes and rhythms, inviting into a space of expression, exploration, a range of sensations and emotions, through a musical journey that leads into a feeling of deep connection and expansion.” He offers Ecstatic Dance regularly in Madrid and Barcelona and collaborates with his sessions in different festivals and communities around the world, in various places like ibiza, India, Thailand, France, Sweden, Letonia, Ukraine or Germany.


Caroline S`Jegers – Ecstatic Dance

“Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence. As an Ecstatic DJ, I play with sounds and silence, with melody and rhythms, and with depth and expansion. As a dance facilitator, I explore new realms while taking movers on a playful adventure into the landscapes of body and soul. As an organizer of Ecstatic Dance Belgium, I continue traveling – as a way to expand my vision and (he)art, and to share my deep-felt passions. Let’s journey and be moved !”

Damián París – Ecstatic Dance

Damián is a man with a very versatile spirit: a DJ, a movie maker, yogi, water dance facilitator and masseur, passionate for movement and a traveller… With many years of experience as a DJ, working with different styles, he discovered in Ecstatic Dance a perfect way to combine his eclectic musical taste in a safe and healthy environment, and also a perfect space to calm the mind, heal the body, free the emotions, elevate the consciousness and reach a state of presence and openness.


Georgina Espinosa – Inbody

Actress, dancer and therapist. Her curiosity and her passion for the body has led her to the study of various body techniques (5Rythms, Body Expression, Ecstatic Dance) in different European cities and in New York. She offers classes in Barcelona and London, collaborates with Ecstatic Dance Barcelona and combines her performative creations with individual massage therapies and rituals.

Tomas Gimeno – Sensory Journey

Movie maker, photographer, writer, illustrator and passionate about dance, Tomas has more than 60 national awards with different artistic medias. He worked for many years as a photography and audio visual teacher in different universities, and recently he left the academic world to focus, understand and taste life. For a few years he has developed and shared his original and fun proposal.

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